Sherbimi Kombetar i Investigimit

Republika e Shqiperise
QENDRA eshte nje organizate e pavarur, e themeluar ne perputhje
me Kodin Civil te Republikes se Shqiperise. Ajo ushtron veprimtarine
e saj ne perputhje me ligjet kombetare dhe nderkombetare
dhe ne bashkepunim me organizatat qeveritare dhe jo-qeveritare
brenda dhe jashte vendit, per zhvillimin sa me te mire te objektit te saj.
Central Bureau of Investigation
Zyra Qendrore e Investigimit

Center purpose:

New Energy Taxes = Less Energy 1- To identify the causes, phenomena and trends of criminal phenomena and to present alternatives, conclusions and recommendations in state and public structures responsible for the prevention and fight against them.


New Energy Taxes = Less Energy 2- To present an alternative approach to problems and phenomena in the field of organized crime and terrorism.


3- To assist in finding new ways and methods of prevention and fight against organized crime and terrorism.


4- To help with recommendations and assistance of qualified Albanian legislation improvements in the prevention and fight against organized crime and terrorism.

In partnership with the Ministry of Interior (Internal Control Service SH.K.B)

Also in continual collaboration with structure like
  • Interpol, Europol,etj.

  • New Energy Taxes = Less Energy New Energy Taxes = Less Energy New Energy Taxes = Less Energy New Energy Taxes = Less Energy New Energy Taxes = Less Energy detection, documentation and preliminary investigation of criminal acts committed by employees of the State Police, regardless of position and rank, for crimes committed during the exercise of power been consumed. Inspection of the work of all State Police structures for compliance with applicable legislation and standards required, to ensure accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. CENTER is an independent non-profit organization that does not pursue economic or political purposes established in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania. It carries out its activities in accordance with national laws and international organizations and in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations within and outside the country, for a better development of its facility. Central Bureau of Investigation is recognised by the Agency for the Support of Civil Society.

    American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations

    In cooperation with ACTION FOR JUSTICE, AXJ USA
    War against terrorism
    Cyber Crime Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Public Corruption
    Civil Rights
    Organized Crime
    White-Collar Crime
    Violent Crimes & Major Thefts
    Crimes Against Children
    Lost people
    Missing children
    Kidnapping and missing persons
    Crimes against children
    People wanted
    Bank robberies